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August 5, 2019

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Patricia Jean Lao has a bright eye for adventure and life. She's got a pocketful of stories waiting to unravel. Get to know her more through & instagram: @patriciajeanlao 

When asked about the beautiful places in the Philippines, Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu are usually at the tip of our tongues. Our minds wander to these usual destinations but we don’t even realize that tucked away in the heart of Bolinao, Pangasinan is a hotspot that you will yearn to come back for...

The Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful islands and the most amazing creatures. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from, you will always find something to love about this country. I have been living in the Philippines for all my life, yet I still continuously fall in love with its many wonders. This love grew deeper when I went on my adventure to Dumaguete, Apo Island and Siquijor. I fell in love with the beauty of the islands, the thrill of the activities, and the people I met.

I will always look at my visit to Mt. Purro Nature Reserve as one of the best trips I’ve had in the Philippines. Just a few hours away from the Metro, Mt. Purro has the same cold weather as Baguio, but without the long drive. This is a place where you can truly “Disconnect to Connect.” It is the land of almost zero phone signal.

Here, you get to appreciate your experiences without the distractions — climb a mountain, do a river excursion, ride a zipline, or even roast marshmallows by a bonfire. Aside from the many adventures you can have, you can take part in a mission bigger than yourself.


Matcha is a unique flavor that has acquired a warm welcome here in the Philippines. We Filipinos have learned to love many treats infused with matcha—candy bars, frappuccinos, cakes, and many more! I, for one, have always felt excited when I get even a tiny bite of a matcha dessert. It makes me feel like I’m getting a taste of what it’s like to be in Japan...


I have always had a soft spot for places that offer unique dining experiences. Restaurants or food stalls that serve hearty meals with beautiful plating deserve extra attention. I believe that quality food is an output of a chef who truly expresses his or herself with every meal that is served. He / She aims to create food that does not just momentarily fill up your belly, but also leaves a good lasting memory. Eating at Noonchi gave me exactly that kind of experience...


So we’ve already ticked off one month in 2018 and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that we’re all pretty much BROKE. After spending all the gift certificates from our titas and titos of Manila, it’s safe to say we’re all on a tight budget. However, don’t let the butterflies in your wallet get in the way of allowing you and your friends to enjoy one another’s company as you dine over delicious dishes! What if I told you that the celebrations don’t have to end? You can still have a good time without the guilt.


SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF THOSE WITH A SWEET TOOTH! If you’re looking for some fun and delicious desserts, here’s something you’ll definitely want to try. Elait and Overdoughs are 2 brands in 1 restaurant that will unleash the fat kid inside you. They offer make-your-own desserts ranging from rolled ice cream to cookie dough balls with premium dips! There are so many different ways to eat the desserts that I’m sure you’ll end up coming back. Continue reading to see all of their mouthwatering treats!


Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse is a fun-loving restaurant that serves exciting meat and seafood platters. It is named after the legendary soul surfer and talented chef Johnny Kahuku. The restaurant’s concept is inspired by all things Hawaiian — a bright and relaxing ambiance paired with delicious hearty meals bringing people together.


When traveling around Asia, you can expect to experience all kinds of delicacies that will make each country that you visit extra memorable. Asian cuisine equates to a wide variety of flavors in all forms — rich broth, tasty noodles, savory meat, and many more. Food has been an integral part to our culture, so it is no wonder why Asian Night Markets filled with busy food stalls are main tourist spots. Unfortunately, not every person has the luxury of going to all of these places. Luckily, Crustasia Asian Seafood Market celebrates the love for Asian dining with its own rendition of famous dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.


Nowadays, the key to style is to keep it simple. Classic pieces that aren’t too loud give off that cool and “woke up like this” look that many people try to achieve. Season after season, we see a growing collection of minimalist fashion for men and women alike. Though achieving that look may seem challenging, there are actually many everyday accessories that you can get to land that minimalist aesthetic.One of the best ways is to partner the soft neutral palettes on your clothing with timeless leather accessories. Right now, my go-to brand for high quality leather accessories is Astrid Leather. They offer leather items that give just the right POP of texture to any outfit. Plus, they let you personalize them!


If you’re looking for a new place to hang out in with a fun and chill vibe, then you really ought to check out this joint! Teddy’s Burgers and Tiki Bar gives you a taste of the tropics without leaving the city. Inspired by the surf, the food and the original tiki bars in Hawaii, this burger place and bar introduces the whole Hawaiian experience: colorful interiors, meaty burgers, thick milkshakes and innovative cocktails!

Here are 5 reasons why you should take your family and friends here RIGHT NOW: 


I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of anything that’s both cute and functional. I love bright / pastel colors on anything because it automatically makes the world seem lighter and happier. If it’s handmade or crocheted, then the product also gets plus points! Imagine, then, how excited I was to discover Cozy! This brand offers you all kinds of adorable crocheted goodies – laptop sleeves, phone covers, blankets, coasters and many more. Continue reading to check out their cute items.


Food has always been one of the best ways for Filipinos to bond and connect. Nowadays, we see SO many restaurants and food parks popping out here and there. However, I fear that some restaurants or food establishments no longer have a clear vision in mind of what kind of experience they want their consumers to have. That is why I was so satisfied when I ate at Senyor Roti in Open Kitchen Food Park... 

Don’t you just get disappointed whenever a food place focuses too much on aesthetics and not enough on taste? You suddenly feel like you just got ripped off just for an “Instagram-worthy” meal that doesn’t taste half as good as it looks. Well, let me share a place that will win back your trust: Grub Central. This humble food stall in Sagul Foodpark wishes you nothing but a full and happy belly at affordable price points. It aspires to stay true to its promise: “No Frills, Just Good Food” through hearty meals just like in the Southern United States!

When people think about the fun things to do in Batangas, visiting a farm isn’t usually at the top of their minds. Most people would opt to go to the sandy beaches, but I personally think that a place called Pinkie’s Farm deserves a special spot in your itinerary. Pinkie’s Farm manufactures all-natural milk products from grass-fed cows. However, it’s not just any ordinary farm. What really caught my interest about this place is the fact that it has become a real tourist spot. The owners welcome farm-curious people to visit their lands and learn more about dairy. Everyone gets to experience all kinds of fun activities like pastillas making, cow milking, feeding calves, and tasting farm fresh milk products!

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