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Travel Guide: Sightseeing in Siargao for 4D3N!

November 12, 2017

Siargao reminds me of how beautiful places can truly connect all kinds of people in the world. It doesn’t matter if we come from different races or backgrounds, we can all find something to love in this wonderful island in Surigao del Norte, Philippines. Whether it is the crashing of the waves on the soft island shore, the beach nightlife, or the sunrays that kiss your skin as you surf all day – I’m sure you’ll have your own little story of Siargao to take home with you. It's these kinds of places that make you realize that the world is truly full of untouched beauty. Continue reading and find out how I spent my 4 Days in this wonderful island.





<DAY 1>



My Rating: ★★★  [ 5 ]


On the first day of our trip, we got to Siargao a little after lunch and took the time to rest in our hotel to recover from our early flights. At around 3pm, we decided to start our first day doing what everybody loves to do in the surfing capital of the Philippines! We rode a habal-habal from our hotel to Cloud 9 which costs PHP 20 per head. As you arrive in Cloud 9, a swarm of locals will approach you and ask you if you plan to surf. Surfing usually costs PHP 500 per head if you plan to rent a board and an instructor for an hour

You will go to a surfing spot where beginner and veteran surfers all come to. The photo above shows how the beach looks like.

After surfing, it's actually a pretty great place to chill. (See the couple relaxing on the shore as proof)

JB and I are both beginners though it wasn't really our first time. I have tried surfing in Baler, Zambales and La Union before.

Luckily, the waves of Siargao were kind to us.

Surfing in Siargao will make you fall in love with riding waves. The water is so clean and the instructors will really guide you to help you balance on the board!

It was certainly the best way to start Day 1 of our Siargao adventure. 


<DAY 2>


During the 2nd day of our stay in Siargao, we had an Island Hopping Tour which was pre-scheduled with My Siargao Guide. It costs PHP 1,000 per head. (For more details about My Siargao Guide, read the friendly tips at the end of this article.) I'd certainly recommend that you get this tour if you don't want to go through all the hassle of finding means to get to the different Islands in Siargao. The tour package includes boat transfers, snacks, lunch, alcoholic drinks, snorkelling gear, games and etc. Its duration is from 10am - 4pm.




My Rating: ★★★☆  [ 4.5 ]


The first destination of our Island Tour was none other than the famous Naked Island! This small island is topped only by sand and surrounded by crystal blue waters. You will be staying here for a good 45 minutes to explore the island and relax by the sea shore.

It's quite a long stretch so you might fancy running around like I did. You won't see any trees around and that's probably why they call it "Naked Island." 

Even though we were quite a lot in our group, we all found our own little area in the island. It was a great moment of silence to just appreciate nature.

Another thing to love about Naked Island is the sandbar which appears and disappears as the waves converge in the middle. It was a beautiful sight to be seen! 




My Rating: ★★★  [ 5 ]


Although I loved Naked Island, I would probably say that Daku Island was my favorite from the Island Tour package. Daku is probably one of the largest islands in Siargao, hence its name "Daku", which in Visayan dialect means "Big". The group will be spending around 2-3 hours in this island.

Daku Island is a pristine beach with its wide shoreline, soft white sand and turquoise waters.

We spent our time here just floating in the water and napping by the shore. 

 The lunch will also be cooked in Daku Island that's why the inner foodie in me decided that it was my favorite island in Siargao. Lol. We were served all sorts of food: grilled tuna, pansit, rice, grilled pork, grilled chicken, bananas, mangoes and many moreWe even had some beer and rum to drink.

 Daku Island is also a great place to play games. Since My Siargao Guide provided us with materials for Frisbee, Jenga, Beer Pong and many more, we certainly had a lot of activities to do so we can enjoy ourselves.




My Rating:  ★★★☆  [ 4 ]


For the last stop of our Island Tour, we went to Guyam Island. You'll notice that it is actually shaped like a tear-drop. It has powdery white sand and it is surrounded by coconut trees! It was very small but I'd say that there was still a lot to explore on this islet.

From afar, you could already see the many coconut trees situated on Guyam Island!

♫ I'm in love with the coco... nuts 

Honestly though, I wasn't sure if we were in an island or in a forrest. The trees made the ambiance feel so fresh and breezy.

Aside from the abundance of coconut trees, behind the island were interesting rock formations that overlooked the ocean. It was definitely a great destination for the last island in our tour.


<DAY 3>



My Rating: ★★★☆  [ 4.5 ]


On our 3rd day in Siargao, we had another tour scheduled with My Siargao Guide going to Sugba Lagoon and it costs PHP 2,000 per head. This tour is more expensive because it's harder to travel to this destination. To get to Sugba Lagoon, one would need to take a 45-minute van ride to Del Carmen and a 30-minute boat ride through the largest mangrove in the Philippines. The duration of the tour is from 8am - 3:30pm. 

The expenses and the travel to the lagoon were worth it, though. I would say that this place would compete with the beautiful lagoons of Coron, Palawan. The water is aquamarine and very clean. Its quietness will make you wonder how anyone ever discovered it in the first place.

One of the main activities you could do here is paddle boarding! My Siargao Guide provides the paddle boards you can use to get around the entire lagoon.

Sugba Lagoon also has a diving board where you can jump off and plunge into the water. If you know me, you'll know that I love cliffdiving so this excited me!

Would you believe that Sugba Lagoon is actually quite deep? The water is SO CLEAR that it doesn't even look like it because you can see up until the bottom.




My Rating: ★★★☆  [ 4.5 ]


Given that our Sugba Lagoon tour ended quite early, we took it upon ourselves to chill at Bravo Beach Resort afterwards. On Wednesdays, Bravo has an event called Pinxto-Pote wherein they serve Free Tapas for any drink from 4pm - 8pm. The day we went to Sugba Lagoon was on a Wednesday so we had a great opportunity to take advantage of this promo!

The lounging area of Bravo is also a great place to just relax and unwind.


<DAY 4>



My Rating: ★★★☆  [ 4.5 ]


On the last day of our trip, my exact thoughts were: "WHY DID WE DECIDE TO STAY IN SIARGAO FOR ONLY 4 DAYS?!" A bit melodramatic, but seriously, there are so many other places to see. The other spots we wanted to visit were Bucas Grande, Sohoton Cave & Mapupungko. Unfortunately, they were quite far so we couldn't fit it in our schedule. Even though we only had 3 and 1/2 days to spend in Siargao due to our rescheduled flights, we still wanted to make the most out of it. On our last morning, we decided to go to the boardwalk at Cloud 9.

The boardwalk was a great place to take photos & get a good view of the ocean.

Once we got to the surfer's viewing deck, we found our own spot to just watch everything from a different perspective. The quietness of the town as well as the roaring of the waves brought us some peace.

The pace of life suddenly felt slower from where we stayed. It was nice to drink it all in and truly be conscious of every moment. I live in the city but nothing really makes me more at ease than the beach and the sound of the waves.

I will not be surprised if you find that Siargao is a place that you'll end up coming back to. If you do get the opportunity, book a flight as soon as you can and experience it for yourself. It's funny, during our trip, I actually met several people who have visited Siargao and repeatedly extended their stay or decided to move there altogether. If you like the island life, you really would fall in love with the lifestyle of the people there. Everyone is contented with what they have in spite of the simplicity. 'Til next time, Siargao! Thank you for the adventure!





Turtle Surf Camp

Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

My Rating: ★★★☆  [ 4.5 ]


For the 4 days we stayed in Siargao, we stayed comfortably in Turtle Surf Camp. It's along the main road making it an accessible area. It's a few minutes away from prime locations like Cloud 9, Bravo Beach Resort and other restaurants. We booked our rooms via Agoda so we only paid around PHP 1,112 per night per head. Do note that these rates may vary depending on Agoda's promos as well as the dates of your trip.

 Turtle Surf Camp has its own pool and duyan where you can lounge and chill. They also have a common area where you can watch TV or grab some food.

The rooms are bright and spacious. It has an AC and towels will be provided for you. All in all, it's a comfortable place to stay and it's very affordable.  





1. Book your accommodations MONTHS in advance.

We were lucky enough to score a room in Turtle Surf Camp but to tell you the truth, we almost ran out of places to stay in because we only booked a month before our trip. I'd say book at least 3-5 months in advance. Affordable hotels and surf camps fill up quite fast. 



2. For convenience, book tours with My Siargao Guide.

If you want to travel conveniently like we did, you can book your tours via My Siargao Guide. The tours usually include van transfers, boat transfers, lunch, snacks, snorkelling gear, paddle boards, games & tour guides with good photography skills (+ points for this). 


Make sure you deposit 50% and sign up at least 1 day before your desired travel date. You can do this by visiting Bravo Beach Resort the day before your trip. Just ask the receptionist regarding your My Siargao Guide Travel Package.


Island Hopping Package: PHP 1,000  |  Sugba Lagoon Package: PHP 2,000  |  Corregidor Island Hike Package: PHP 1,500

They also have Mapupungko Rock Pools and Sohoton Cave & Jellyfish Lagoon tours by request. 



3. Enjoy the many delicious eating & drinking places in Siargao.

You MUST allot budget for food tripping in Siargao. Check out Where to Eat in Siargao: A Foodie's Guide to PH's Surfing Capital for more options. Below are just some of my favorites from all of the eating places we tried.

(L-R):  ¡¡Bom Dia!! Power Bowl at Shaka  |  Make-Your-Own Pizza at Kermit Surf Resort  |  Drinks and Pulutan at La Carinderia 



4. If you have a long layover in Cebu, go to the nearby tourist spots near Mactan Airport. 

We booked our flights on promo during the earlier part of the year and during those times, there were no direct flights to Siargao yet so we had a layover in Cebu. Given our 6-hour layover, there were many opportunities to go around Mactan. Some of the nearby places I researched were 10k Roses Cafe, Mactan Shrine, Cebu Yacht Club and many more. 


We still had extra budget so we decided to go to White Sand Beach Resort, Maribago, Cebu. For day tours on weekdays, you only need to pay PHP 900 per adult. This is inclusive of PHP 300 consumable food and drinks as well as access to all of their facilities. For day tours on weekends, they offer buffet and access to all of their facilities for PHP 1,200 per adult.





If you're planning to visit these places as well, feel free to copy the itinerary JB and I made!

We spent a total of PHP 13k per head ALL-IN (Flights, Hotel, Tours, Transportation & Food).

 VIEW: My Travel Itineraries (Coron, Dumaguete, Rizal, Hong Kong & etc.)



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat


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