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Sulyap Gallery Café & Restaurant is Our Serendipity

November 5, 2017

When JB and I were on the way to Sitio De Amor, we decided to find a place to eat at since it was already lunch time. As the designated navigator and trusted passenger, I took it upon myself to look for the closest eating places in the area. As I searched Google, one of the first restaurants that popped up was Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant. Without really looking into the photos and the details of the restaurant, we decided to eat there just to pass our hunger. Little did we know that it would be THIS lovely. Sulyap was our little serendipity. This restaurant definitely got into my top 10 restaurants immediately!

Its whole ambiance was wonderful and quiet. Located in San Pablo, it was certainly a sweet escape from the metro. The entire place just felt... FRESH.

The air was cooler, the smell resembled that of a rain forest and the flowers were bright and happy. I LOVED IT.

 There was an open area that overlooked the houses. It turns out that Sulyap Café was part of a bed and breakfast!

The fountain in the middle also created a very relaxing sound of water gushing as people ate every bite of their meals.

The pepole's sweet conversations were coupled with the relaxing sounds of nature.


Also, the service was good too. Thank you to the waiter who took the initiative to get our photo in this beautiful restaurant!

The food is delicious and comes in a very reasonable price. We ordered Fish and Chips as well as Beef Sirloin in Red Sauce both ranging from PHP 250 - PHP 400. Fun fact: What we ordered was actually good for 4 people so we had more than enough to eat! 

Not to mention, Sulyap is actually very picturesque. Every corner felt reminiscent of an earlier Philippine era. 

(Hello to the cute photobomber behind me. Woof.)

I'd definitely recommend Sulyap Gallery Café & Restaurant if you want a romantic lunch or dinner with your date.

I bet this place is even nicer during the night time! Thank you for Google & cheers to unexpected finds that turn out to be favorite new places!



Time to make your own memories!

♡,  Pat




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