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Sitio De Amor — Silent Sanctuary in San Pablo, Laguna

November 5, 2017

Have you ever had that experience of finding a person, a thing or even a place that was so precious that you wanted to keep it all to yourself, but at the same time, share it to the world? It's as if that very entity you were able to discover was SO wonderful that it seemed like it was your responsibility to let others see its beauty as well. Well, that's how I felt when I discovered this sanctuary in San Pablo known as Sitio De Amor. You know how they say, "beautiful things don't ask for attention"? I think it's quite true because this place is absolutely low key yet its beauty is pretty hard to miss. It's quiet and hidden — but breathtaking. That weekend I spent visiting Sitio De Amor is the weekend I promised to myself that I'd definitely come back again. Continue reading to find out why this place captivated will captivate you in an instant.





Stroll Around the Vast Greeneries of Sitio De Amor

 Sitio De Amor is a multi-hectare property filled with lush greens and beautiful flowers.

 Every corner feels decorated with plants and structures that make you stop and admire.

It certainly has a lot of facilities that would be perfect for gatherings or even weddings!

Sitio De Amor even has a Grand Pavilion with white drapes and magnificent chandeliers which will suit any grandiose occasion worth celebrating. 



Visit the Green Lagoon

Fun fact: The day before this photo was taken, this lagoon was not here. It was an empty area which seemed like a skate park to me. 

When we visited the same area the next day, this glorious green lagoon was now present.

I won't lie, it felt like we experienced a bit of magic even though it was man-made. Still, it was a sight to behold.



Swim in the Infinity Pool Overlooking the Forest

 One of the main attractions of Sitio De Amor is their serene infinity pool. It has a cute sun chair where you can lounge and get a tan under the sun.

It is also a refreshing area to get an afternoon dip because the breeze from the forest blows softly as you float in the water.



Tour around the Colonial-Era Mansion of the Bondads

This part of our trip was one of the most enjoyable. We were personally toured around the mansion of Jorge and Amor — owners of Sitio De Amor.

Interestingly, this house was originally owned by Don Tomas Morato. They bought it from him and transported it from Quezon to San Pablo.  

The house was rebuilt exactly the way it was. It was a marvellous wood-inspired home with its colorful glass windows and a balcony overlooking the entire landscape of Sitio De Amor.

The thought of how the couple opened their home to the public was just amazing to me. The mansion was definitely lovely and well kept.



Find Your Own Secret Hiding Spots

After touring around the mansion, we continued to go around the area. After all, it is 5 full hectares that we wanted to explore.

It seemed as if each place had a its own secret area where you could relax and have intimate conversations. 

There were swings, benches and gazebos scattered all over the vast land.

It's as if you could get lost and never be found if you wanted to.



Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast in a Beautiful Open Area

What's great about Sitio De Amor is that they serve up a REALLY GOOD breakfast in the open area of the Bondad Mansion.

They have delicious eggs, longganisa, juices and even some suman to keep your tummy full and happy!


Another reason why I love this place is because it's only in Laguna so if you're coming from Manila, it will only take you 2-3 hours to get there! Imagine a relaxing getaway just near you. All in all, the best way to really see the wonder of Sitio De Amor is to go there for yourself! Promise, you can thank me later. 






My boyfriend and I were able to score discounted rooms via We only spent PHP 2,927 for an overnight stay for 2 or PHP 1,463.5 per head.

We were able to reserve the Duhat Room which was a simple yet elegant space for us to stay in. It was quiet and near all the other facilities.

It even has a front porch where you can chill and have some drinks with friends during the night time.


For more details about their accommodations, visit their website: Sitio De Amor Rooms





Address: 88.8 Maharlika Highway, Purok Paraiso, San Antonio, San Pablo City, Laguna


Directions from their website:

Take the South Superhighway all the way up to the second new Sto. Tomas exit. Pass 2 toll plazas. Turn right at Maharlika Hwy after to the Sto. Tomas exit,  follow the SM, San Pablo signage.  After SM, take the right side of the highway when it forks.  Continue on this road for 7 kilometers.  Watch for Laguna Plastic signage on your right.  When you see this, your are about 400 meters from our private road to your left.  The road is adjacent to Jardin de San Vicente.  It will be another 600 meters to our gate.






1. There is not much signal / wifi access in Sitio De Amor.

One of the main reasons why I loved Sitio De Amor was because it really was a SILENT SANCTUARY. All your problems in Manila, stay in Manila. It really gives you that opportunity to free yourself from other worldly troubles and focus on the now.


2. If you want to eat dinner in Sitio De Amor, request for reservation.

Sitio De Amor does not have a restaurant within the farm resort so if you do want to eat dinner there, I suggest you request for reservation so they can do grocery beforehand.


3. Dine at Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant near Sitio De Amor.

Since there are no eating places in the resort, JB and I opted to go around San Pablo and found this wonderful cafe!



Click the photo and read my article below to find out more about it.



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat


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