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Nurture Wellness Village – A Relaxing Spa Retreat In Tagaytay

January 21, 2018

Allow me to start this entry by sharing that I’ve been in a happy relationship for the past 2-3 years with my best friend, JB Capinpin. Though this article is not about him (because I’d like to keep those things in private), I would like to say that it’s been an amazing few years of enjoying each other’s company and exploring beautiful destinations with my best friend / boyfriend. Thus, it felt right for us to celebrate our 2nd year together and the end of 2017 (because LOL our anniversary is on December 31) in a place that would truly be memorable. JB organized a surprise trip for us in Nurture Wellness Village – a peaceful resort that felt like a much-needed retreat for the both of us. Nurture is known as one of the most relaxing spa resorts in Asia and is uniquely Filipino with its Ifugao huts and Filipino-themed spa treatments. Located just in Tagaytay, the tranquil ambiance and the cool weather was a perfect environment for me to just reflect on the wonderful year that has passed and the new and exciting year that is yet to come.





Be Welcomed with Complimentary Tea & Numerous Spa Options

 Upon arriving at Nurture Wellness Village, we were happy to be welcomed by cups of tea to warm ourselves from the cool Tagaytay breeze. As we sipped our tea, we were given a Spa Menu from which we could choose all the relaxing treatments to avail of for the next few days. Exciting!



Eat Healthy & Delicious Meals in the Gabriela Restaurant

Since we were feeling a bit hungry from the long drive, we decided to grab some food in Nurture's very own Gabriela Restaurant. Now, this restaurant can certainly compete as one of the best restaurants in Tagaytay. 

They pride themselves with delicious & healthy dishes filled with fresh vegetables which they source from their own gardens. While Nurture is known for their vegetarian meals, they also have non-vegetarian dishes that will surely satisfy your tastebuds!



Explore their Beautiful Gardens & Sceneries

After satisfying our stomachs, we decided to take a stroll around the lovely garden resort. Being a city girl, I love seeing places filled with trees and beautiful flowers because it's a great escape from the concrete jungle back in Manila.

Nurture Wellness Village is just filled with pathways of grass, leaves and almost everything there is to love about nature.

The landscaping of the entire village was just spectacular. Every inch of the area felt beautifully designed with its pretty ornaments and outdoor furniture.

You can't help but feel at peace while walking around. We even encountered this tiny fountain which added to the serene ambiance.

Moreover, what I loved about Nurture Wellness Village is how easily one can find his or her own space to just sit, relax and reflect. It was a perfect time to disconnect from all the negative energy from the city and from within one's self. 



Be Entertained by Ethnic Performances

We were feeling a bit tired from walking around so we decided to head back to the dining area. Now, who knew Nurture Wellness Village had a surprise in store for us? If you know me, you'd know I love watching musical / dance performances.  

I was certainly pleased to see that a performance was prepared for the guests. We got to watch some of the traditional Filipino dances which were also accompanied by ethnic Filipino instruments like the kumintang.



 Rejuvenate with Spa Treatments

Your experience at Nurture Wellness Village will not be complete if you don't get to try their amazing services."It has long been proven that touch heals." This is one of Nurture's core beliefs that I believe to be true. Nurture Wellness Village has a variety of Filipino and Foreign massages that will caress not only your body, but even your soul. You might think I'm just exaggerating. However, after I availed their massage services, I had an amazing night's sleep! Try for yourself & enjoy deep tissue massages, facials & many more.



Join the Wellness Movement By Learning from the Juice & Coffee Demos

The morning after we got our amazing massages, I was feeling absolutely refreshed for breakfast but still a bit sleepy. It was timely that there were scheduled Juice and Coffee demos at around 10:30am because the different drinks they served us certainly woke me up. I love the fact that Nurture Wellness Village provides avenues of promoting a healthier way of living for everyone.

Nurture Wellness Village CARES for you. They really do. Why else would they conduct Juice Demos to educate people of how to enjoy delicious yet healthy alternatives to our high sugar beverages? 

Imagine, all of the ingredients that they use are home grown and absolutely fresh! My entire stay has made me feel so cleansed that it has truly inspired me to start living a healthier lifestyle especially with the food that I take in my body.

Calling all coffee addicts! You also have healthier alternatives from Starbucks or your 3-in-1 sachets.

At Nurture, they also make their own coffee with natural sweeteners and no sugar!  They grind the cocoa beans from scratch making the coffee drink a true product of labor (and love).



Relax in the Common Area & Play Games

After enjoying activities in the morning, it's also great to just sit back and allow time to pass slowly. Nurture has a patio-like area which promotes relaxation and recreation. It has tables where guests can pick up games and catch up.

Here, Jb and I enjoyed playing sungka because it was reminiscent of childhood games we used to enjoy before the boom of smartphones / social media.



Enjoy a Romantic Dinner with your Date

(Comes with Romantiko Hotel Accommodation Package)

On our last night in Nurture, I had another surprise waiting for me. Please allow me this small moment of bragging because I'm a lucky girl who gets to be with someone as romantic as JB. He actually arranged a romantic candlelight dinner for the two of us!

The set-up and the food was outstanding. (No wonder he told me to pack a nice dress for our trip!) Rose petals were scattered all over the floor and the table. We also had faint candle lights and 2 glasses of wine to sip through the evening. It was certainly a great way to celebrate our last night in this resort.



Buy Pasalubong at Nurture's Farmacy

Before leaving this wonderful Spa Retreat Haven, you might want to consider stopping by Nurture's Farmacy! This is a perfect place to buy pasalubongs for friends and relatives back home. They have several fruits and vegetables to choose from and local favorites like Lengua De Gato, Pastillas and many more.





Ifugao Spa Suite

(Comes with Romantiko Package)

This Ifugao-inspired hut with its own spa area underneath has a wonderful view of Nurture's perfectly landscaped gardens. I really liked this room because it was cozy and it felt like a modern tree house! It has local and cable TV, private toilet and bath, bathroom amenities, one queen sized bed, PABX , coffee station, turn down service and etc. This room also comes with free breakfast. Since my boyfriend booked this with the Romantiko Package, it's at Php 13,750 per night including the romantic dinner. If you're splitting this with your partner, it's at Php 6,875 per head (Total of 2 pax). Not bad for a delicious candlelit meal and great accommodations!


Forest View Room

The Forest View Room feels like a fortress where no one will find you. It has modern interiors that are truly exquisite because it reminded me of a castle. The view from the outside is also incredible. The room has a balcony where you will see the vast forests surrounding you. It's an air-conditioned room with local and cable TV, private toilet and bath, bathroom amenities, four poster bed (Payapa & Pag-ibig Forest View Room), PABX, coffee station, turn down service. This room also comes with free breakfast. If you book this room via Agoda, it's discounted at approximately Php 7,327 per night (original price at around Php 8.8k) or roughly Php 3,663 per person (Total of 2 pax). Sweet deal!



If you're really up for getting one with nature, you can also try Glamour Camping! Nurture Wellness Village has camp sites where you can even have a full-on bonfire! This also comes with Arroz caldo Breakfast with some bread and their famous Kale Juice. You can also get 30 minutes of outdoor treatment like facials or a foot massage. You can also use a common toilet and bath which already have toilet amenities. 


All in all, I think I fell in love with Nurture Wellness Village somewhere in between seeing the beautiful gardens and having a first hand experience of the overall way of life they promote. I think it's definitely going to be hard going back to my old lifestyle once I've been able to experience the relaxing environment in this place. It really did feel like a retreat where we could just reconnect with ourselves and get cleansed both physically and spiritually. Thank you again Nurture Wellness Village! My heart is with your beautiful gardens, tasty yet healthy food and your amazing service! If you want to know more about this place, visit their website at



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat



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