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Inflatable Island — The Floating Playground in Subic!

September 1, 2017

I have always been a kid at heart. Even as I grow older, I wish nothing but to remain playful and bright-eyed for adventure. I'm the type of person who likes to spend more on experiences. I believe that memories are lasting and they do not tarnish over the years. Quite recently, I had the best time playing and unleashing the kid in me at Inflatable Island's floating playground! The weekend I spent at Inflatable Island is exactly that kind of memory that will remain vivid and golden in my mind. I can only hope to have more experiences like the one I'm about to tell you. Continue reading to find out what we did!




Address: Subic Bay Waters, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo, Zambales


Inflatable Island is known for being the largest Inflatable Playground in Asia. It is a floating playground that will surely get the kid in you bouncing up and down! It features numerous obstacle courses that friends and family members will enjoy bonding over. The park prides itself for being almost as large as 8 basketball courts. Talk about huge! Not to mention, it also has a picturesque Bali Lounge where you can sit back and relax as you wait for your turn in the waterpark.

The Bali Lounge has a lot of colorful bean bags and a view overlooking the challenging but exciting playground.

I took the opportunity to take photos while waiting for our briefing.

The bright parasols really brought everything to life.




Address: Subic Bay Waters, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo, Zambales


After waiting in the Bali Lounge, we were asked to gather at Inflatable Island's briefing area to discuss the Island Rules. This should be done 15 minutes before your time slot. After this, we were asked to sign the waiver form and proceed to get our life vests. 




1. Wear a life vest at all times.

Inflatable Island prioritizes safety. As such, no one is allowed to play in the island without a life vest.

If you remove your life vest, you will be requested to leave the waterpark.


2. No wearing of accessories or any sharp objects.

Though the material of the inflatables are quite sturdy, they prohibit wearing of accessories such as watches, earrings, necklaces or even clothes with zippers, while at the park. However, for girls, they do allow hair ties.


3. You can bring your phone & your gadgets but at your own risk.

Since your experience at inflatable Island is surely one you won't want to forget, they do allow you to bring your phone and your cameras. However, if there is an incident that you drop it in the water, the staff will not be responsible to retrieve your gadget. For go pros, you may bring a selfie stick, but it cannot be longer than a meter in terms of length. Do not fret, they also sell waterproof pouches for phones. Though I highly suggest that you do not risk bringing your phone in a waterproof pouch at all because water may still seep in.


4. You have to be above 3 feet in height to enjoy the park.

Kids and adults above 3 ft. can enjoy playing at Inflatable Island. However, for younger kids, the park requires a 1:1 adult-kid ratio.


5. Wear appropriate clothing in the Inflatable Island.


The best option for...

Girls: Swimsuit under a rash guard and sports shorts / board shorts

Boys: Rash guard / swim shorts


Girls, if you plan to wear only a bikini, trust me. It won't be comfortable. YOU. WILL. GET. A. WEDGIE. Just, don't.


6. No bringing of outside food and drinks

There is corkage fee of PHP 500 for outside food and drinks. Do not worry because there are food stalls in Inflatable Island. Though it can be a bit pricey.



After you've been properly briefed, IT'S TIME TO PLAY!

I wasn't able to take as much photos as I wanted because admittedly, I had such a challenging time in Inflatable Island. I suggest you do a bit of stretching before your time slot because the obstacle courses are not as easy as they seem!

They say that spending even just 1 hour in the park already lets you burn 400 calories...and we got the 4-hour pass! 

There are trampolines, slides, swings, towers, human launchers, name it! Rest assured, if you're fond of obstacle courses, this is the place for you!

Rain or shine, we still went for it! It was a bit dark but I didn't mind. At least we didn't get too sunburnt.

Above is a photo of my boyfriend, JB climbing up the huge inflatable tower.


And that's me being launched up in the air. The way this works is that someone jumps on one end, while another gets thrown in the air on the other end. It was absolutely THRILLING. I definitely felt like I paused in the middle of the air just before I came crashing down into the water.

I did this so many times until my hip started to hurt! Lol.





1. Get a locker to keep your belongings.

Small: PHP 50 (half day)  |  PHP 100 (whole day)

Big: PHP 100 (half day)  |  PHP 150 (whole day)


2. Arrive early so you can also relax at the Bali Lounge and reserve parking.

Parking spaces are free but only upon availability. 


3. Buy your tickets online and enjoy a cheaper price for your tickets.

* We got the half day pass (4 hours) but I would say that 2 hours is actually enough.



Photo above from the website of Inflatable Island.





Private Car

You can look it up in Waze.


Public Transportation

Take the Victory Liner bus (there’s one in Cubao) bound to Olangapo.

From there, take a blue jeepney outside and ask to be dropped off at Inflatable Island / Samba Bluewater / Half Moon Resort.


All in all, I definitely wouldn't mind going back to this place. I highly suggest that if you decide to visit Inflatable Island as well, bring friends and get ready to get competitive. It's going to be a lot of fun! Take your family as well. My boyfriend and I shared a lot of laughs playing here and I can certainly say it was a glorious day for both of us.


Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡, Pat



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