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Hidden Valley Springs — Laguna's Rainforest Paradise

March 10, 2019

Hidden Valley Springs is an oasis — a place of refuge and relief amidst the restless city life. This trip is one that is absolutely special to me because it was a Valentine's surprise by my boyfriend. He originally had me convinced we were going to spend the day swimming at the inflatable pool he set up at his house and then 2 hours later, I'm at a rainforest paradise! This resort's charm lies in its breathtaking landscapes & invigorating pools. They even serve delicious meals in scenic areas at their resort. Hidden Valley Springs has a piece of my heart because it really set itself apart from the usual garden resorts. Here, everything feels alive and natural because of the flowing mountaintop waters and majestic trees that surround the entire area. It's really a sight to see for yourself.





1. Enjoy the Greenery


Tall and broad-leaved trees surround the entire compound of Hidden Valley Springs. Everywhere you look, flowers and pathways will welcome you and invite you to explore every corner.

I remember sitting across this pond with nothing but blissful thoughts in my mind. I felt at peace listening to the trickling waters and inhaling the fresh air that surrounded me.

Hidden Valley Springs has such a huge land area that it really felt like a maze you could just get lost in. I, however, didn't mind because everything was just so picturesque. 



2. Take a Dip at the Natural Water Pools


Hidden Valley Springs is a secluded place located between 2 mountains — the source of the free flowing waters that fill the brilliantly designed pools. Here, you will discover their main attractions: the warm pools, the soda pools and the lovers' pool.


Warm Pool

My Rating: ★★★★ [ 5 ]

This pool is just absolutely BREATHTAKING. The amazing thing is that before can actually arrive here, you will pass by a bridge overlooking its entirety. I couldn't help myself to pause and take a lot of photos because it was just so unreal. 

Moreover, the warm water was really refreshing. It wasn't too hot or too cold. 

JB and I spent most of the day just relaxing in the warm pools and being thankful that time was particularly slow that afternoon.


Soda Pool 1

My Rating: ★★★★☆ [ 4 ]

Another beautiful sight to be behold at Hidden Valley Springs is their Soda Pool.

The Soda Pool will suit your taste if you want a more private and restorative environment. We literally had the place all to ourselves that day.

As I floated around, I couldn't help but notice the perfect weather and the wide open sky that kissed my skin with warm sunshine. I couldn't imagine any other place I wanted to be at in that moment. 


Soda Pool 2

My Rating: ★★★★☆ [ 4.5 ]

Now, the second Soda Pool is literally just around the corner of the first one. What I particularly liked about it is that we had to pass by a staircase with a nearby small waterfall. 

The entire experience was mesmerizing. After playing in a tiny waterfall, I got to take a dip in the warm soda pool that had huge trees towering over it. I really felt like I found an oasis.


Lovers' Pool

My Rating: ★★★☆ [ 3 ]

 The Lovers' Pool was located a little bit farther from the Soda Pools and the Warm Pools; therefore, it was the most secluded. I found this to be the most simple out of all the pools but it had the same allure and aura of relaxation as the others.  



3. Discover the Hidden Waterfalls


If you're interested in a little bit more adventure, then you'll love the waterfalls at Hidden Valley Springs. To discover it, you will need to follow the kawayan man-made pathway which is approximately a 15-minute walk. 

Once you reach the end of the kawayan pathway, you will hear the gushing of the waterfalls as you descend a rocky staircase. Afterwards, you will finally see the hidden waterfalls in all its glory. It wasn't big but it was exquisite, nonetheless.



4. Eat to Your Heart's Desire at the Buffet Area


I would say that an addition to Hidden Valley Springs' appeal is its delicious food. The dining areas are well-lit and properly ventilated.

We enjoyed the buffet at the dining hall and even managed to squeeze in a few card games during merienda.

At night, one can even enjoy the cool evening breeze while basking in a candlelit buffet dinner. I really liked how Hidden Valley Springs goes out of their way to make even the dining experiences memorable. 





Hidden Valley Springs has many cottages to accommodate guests who would like to spend a few nights in their resort. I particularly liked how the cottages looked like tiny houses. It felt like we were in a quiet neighborhood with wide open gardens.

 We were originally planning to stay here for just a Day Tour but the place really was so charming that we decided to book a Casita room. However, I would suggest that one full day here is enough especially if you don't want to spend too much on an overnight stay.


For more info on their rates, visit (Hidden Valley Springs Day Tour) or Hidden Valley Springs Facebook page.


Overall, I would definitely say that Hidden Valley Springs is worth your time and money. It certainly isn't cheap but the experience you will have here is something you won't regret spending on. I really can't even name a place like it. If given the chance, I would love to return with friends and family to enjoy yet another enchanting getaway in this rainforest paradise.



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡, Pat


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