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Club Monet Beachfront Resort — Greek Getaway in Zambales

October 21, 2018

When I want to go on a quick getaway, I always find myself googling "beaches near manila" and I get disappointed seeing all of the nice resorts already fully booked. Moreover, it's hard to find good places that aren't mainstream. Whenever you decide to travel to places like Zambales, you can already bet that Crystal Beach, Canoe Beach, White Rock and other places in Subic are swarming with people. Thus, I was so relieved when my boyfriend's friends introduced me to a place that I would always look back to with a smile. Tucked away in the coastal town of Cabangan is Club Monet Beach Resort. It's a Greek inspired resort that's simple yet truly memorable. It has a quiet and beautiful beach with clean white sand. Moreover, it's hidden from all the noisy tourists and perfect for those days when you just want time to slow down.    





Address: Brgy. Felmida-Diaz, Cabangan, Zambales, Philippines


When you visit Club Monet, one can expect a very large and open home type of feel from this resort.

Like I said, it's simple and nothing fancy. It's not a hotel but it is elegant with its Greek (Santorini) and homey design.

There's even a dining area where people who will stay overnight can eat breakfast.  

 The rooms are also named after Greek Gods and Goddesses. Although I wasn't able to take a photo, the rooms are well ventilated and each room has its own bathroom, towels, tissue, soap and shampoo. 


Disclaimer: Because I wasn't able to take much photos, the pictures of the accommodations are grabbed from google images 






 I would say that the real reason I truly loved Club Monet is because of its beautiful beach front.

 The whole place felt surreal. I couldn't help but wonder why the area wasn't crowded at all!

 There were cabanas that you could use for free. Of course, it was on a first come first serve basis. 

 All of us just spent the day chilling by the beach and relaxing. 

 We brought some inflatable bean bags so that we could just breathe in the beach air.

I particularly enjoyed the "duyan" because I could get a wonderful view of the ocean.

I remember it was 4pm when I took this photo. I was gazing outside from a nearby nipa hut and i remembered thinking how nice it was to have no agenda except to sit and watch the white curtains flow back and forth as the wind blew.

 The sand was white and clean and there were no humans in sight! I loved how peaceful the entire place was.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a swim.  The sky was filled with fluffy cumulus clouds and shades of blue.

 The waves were also quite strong, but not to the point that we couldn't play around in the water.

 I loved it even more as the evening drew closer. All we had were music, beers and the sound of the waves, but we were happy.

 I am always in awe with Zambales sunsets and how the sky meshes together in pinks and oranges.

 Time was slow in this place, but we didn't mind. 





If you have any inquiries, feel free to visit their site / contact them via mobile.


Website: Club Monet Beachfront Resort Facebook Page

Mobile: 0917 727 8652





1. Bring food to cook to save more money and for the experience!

Club Monet has no corkage for food and what's great is there are even grilling areas in the beach front. You can even rent their kitchen for Php 500. The kitchen has condiments, refrigerator, stove, cooking utensils and etc.


2. Disconnect to connect.

This area in Zambales has weak signal so it's the perfect opportunity to just focus on the people you are with and forget all your worries in the city. However, Club Monet does have wifi in case you need to post an ig update!


3. Free use of cabana but you better be quick!

What I loved even more about this place is that their cabanas in the beach front are FREE. However, it still follows a first come first serve basis so you better be quick to get first dibs on the nice nipa huts.



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat




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