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Azalea Backyard — Romantic Dinners with a view

December 1, 2016

I always think that some of the secrets to a happy relationship are: being with your best friend, having mutual respect and trusting each other. You don't need to give a lot of flashy gifts or have expensive dinners to stay together. However, it's also good to have those rare evenings where you just laugh the night away over simple candlelit dinners while enjoying a scenic night landscape. A night in Azalea Backyard, will give you just that and it is surely one you won't forget. The place offers good food, a romantic setting, intimacy and privacy all for a magical price of PHP 399. It's a fairly new place that just opened up in Talisay, Batangas; it was my first time to visit but it surely won't be the last.





Dinner Buffet for PHP 399 per head

 From the parking lot, you will already be able to get a good glimpse of the dining area with its low hanging lights and garden view.

 Here's a shot of the buffet area. Azalea Backyard offers good Asian Fushion meals made by their resident owner and chef. They serve different meals from carbonara pasta, to pork, to candied bacon, to seafood soup and etc

This place is also ideal for afternoon dates if you want to get a good view of Taal Lake. JB and I decided to take a seat next to the edge of the cliff in hopes of getting a look at the view. Since it was quite dark, the lake wasn't as visible; however, the cool breeze made up for it. 

Lucky me. I had such a handsome date that evening!

 The food was satisfying. Although the options were limited, they didn't sacrifice quality. I was so full I couldn't believe I got to eat that much for only PHP 399.

What I loved about the place is that it was very private. There weren't a lot of people so it felt like it was just the two of us enjoying our lovely dinner.


Eat Unli S'mores

Just when we thought the night was over, one of the waiters approached us and said that for dessert, we could have unli s'mores!

I'm a fan of restaurants that let you prepare your own food. Weird, I know. I should've just cooked my own meal, then. Lol. Anyway, when I heard that we could roast our own marshmallows, I got super excited! I stayed a tad bit too long by the s'mores station that JB pulled me away saying I should leave some for others....

Overall, for a new restaurant, RoseVill Backyard offers you value for money and more! I would definitely recommend this for Valentine's Day dates or for simple anniversaries. We even encountered a couple who was celebrating theirs on that same day we visited. Azalea Backyard is definitely a must-visit in Talisay, Batangas.





1. Don't follow the directions from the maps on their Facebook Page. JB and I got a little bit lost because we followed the maps on their page which led us to a dead end. Look for Barangay Caloocan, Talisay Batangas on Waze or Google Maps instead.


2. Don't expect a big flashy sign pointing to the restaurant. Look for their tarpaulin. Be wary as well for certain landmarks like a torch and red civic car (which is sometimes parked across the restaurant).  Since Azalea Backyard is fairly new, not a lot of people know about it yet so make sure your eyes are wide open.


3. Make dinner reservations beforehand. Walk-Ins are welcome but might not get a guaranteed seat. So reserve and deposit the reservation fee before your actual visit.


4. Contact them before you go to the venue. I call Azalea Backyard a hidden gem because it is literally HIDDEN. It's quite hard to find so to save yourself the time of getting lost, confirm your reservation and call the restaurant before you go there. 





Address: Brgy. Caloocan Talisay Batangas

Sharing some directions I got from How To Get To Talisay, Batangas:


By Public Transportation


Commute via Tanauan, Batangas:

Board a Batangas City-bound bus on Taft Avenue, Pasay City near Buendia LRT station (choose Batangas City via Tanauan and not Batangas City via Calabarzon) and alight in front of Tanauan public market (Fare: PHP 89). Transfer to a Talisay-bound jeep to get to your resort/hotel.


Commute via Tagaytay:

Board a Nasugbu-bound bus and drop off in Tagaytay (request the driver to drop you off to the terminal of Talisay-bound jeepneys). Transfer to the jeep with Talisay signboard. This passes through the zigzag route down Tagaytay ridge.


By Private Vehicle


Driving Directions to Talisay via STAR TOLL (Tanauan):

From Makati, take SLEX and exit the second to the last toll gate (Silangan, Batangas City, Lucena). You’ll pass by Turbina (Shell), Carmelray and turn right to enter STAR TOLLWAY. Exit at SAMBAT (Tanauan) then turn right going to Talisay (a left will take you to Tanauan town proper). Just follow the road to your destination resort or Talisay public market.


Directions to Talisay via Tagaytay (not for newbie drivers):

From Makati, take SLEX and exit at GREENFIELD CITY (Eton City) where you’ll pass by Pramana, and Nuvali. Follow directions where you’ll see Paseo de Santa Rosa, Silang then up to Tagaytay Market. At the end of the road (Tagaytay Econo Inn), turn left then right at Ligaya Drive (the left side of the highway is Tagaytay Elementary School) where you’ll see the Talisay jeepney terminal, pass by Balai Taal. This is a winding 6 kilometer road down the ridge with at least 2 sharp curves (you’ll be greeted by the excellent views from the Laeuna de Taal viewdeck). At the end of the road is Talisay’s main road where many resorts dot the lakeside.


Directions to Talisay via Coastal Road, Aguinaldo Highway, Cavite:

Head to Roxas Blvd and Coastal Road going to Aguinaldo Highway up to Tagaytay rotonda. At the rotonda, turn left towards Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). Continue driving until you reach Ligaya Drive where ou turn left (right side is Tagaytay Elementary School). Follow the winding road to Talisay to get to your resort.




This post is actually a continuation of All Around Batangas: Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Philpan Dive Resort, Azalea Backyard.

Click the link / photo to read about that as well.





Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat



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