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Galaxy #PoemsByPat

March 17, 2018



I am but a traveler,

A falling star in your midst.

Though only for a while,

We come across in this abyss.


The sight of you amazed me –

Like the moon that illuminates the night,

Or the never failing sun,

That greets me with its light.


Your body is celestial.

Together, we’ll make the galaxy.

I look into your starlit eyes,

And I find a constellation.


Black pools that draw me in,

Where it ends and where it begins.

As I trace the meteors of your body,

I’m enchanted by your cosmic energy.


Together, we found the heavens –

Creating more stars to fill the sky.

And as the night is ending,

I find it hard to say goodbye.


Though we must part our ways,

I’ll tell you this with much certainty:

“I promise to come back again.

My love, please wait for me.”



*photo above from Google Images








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