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For The Kids: Annual NSTP Christmas Party

December 28, 2016

When I was younger, Christmas excited me because it meant getting gifts and toys. As I got older, I began to be more excited about how I was going to spread the Christmas spirit to other kids and put a smile on their faces. I no longer waited for Christmas thinking that I wouldn't be happy if I didn't get my ideal present. I realized that if I concentrated less on what I wanted to receive and more on what I could give, I was much more content and all the other presents were just a bonus. Every Christmas, my college friends and I take some time to revisit our NSTP kids and try to give them the Christmas they deserve. I do not only speak for myself when I say that despite feeling tired, we always feel extra happy right after.


 Preparing for the Chrismtas Party takes at least 2-3 weeks of planning and packing all the gifts & giveaways.

A lot of the donations we get are from family members, officemates and friends. 

A lot of the kids are so full of energy that it gets hard to keep up!

 We usually host games to entertain the kids. Afterwards, we give them prizes!

Some of the games that we usually ask them to play are Newspaper Dance, Longest Tune and Bring Me! 

 After a few games, we distribute the food for merienda.

These are the times that we are able to get a bit of rest because the kids settle down to eat.

 After a few more games, we distribute the giveaways to the kids. It melts my heart when some of them even hug us and say "Thank you". That already makes all the tiredness of preparation worth it.

Much love for these kids. (Even though super kulit niyo)


P.S. Thank you to all those who donated for our NSTP Christmas Party! It wouldn't have been as successful without the generosity of all those who wanted to extend a little love this Christmas.



♡,  Pat


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