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Romantic & Cultural Getaways at Villa Escudero Resort

November 21, 2016

Villa Escudero takes you back to the time of matatamis na ligawan between your lolo and your lola. The resort will make you feel like you're in a hacienda  as you get the chance to leisurely stroll around the plantations, to have a buffet by the waterfalls, to ride a karabaw, to do bamboo rafting, to go fishing and to watch native Filipino cultural dances. Experience a romantic & non-traditional date by getting in touch with culture & tradition.





By Private Vehicle

Head south along the South Luzon Expressway and take the Sto. Tomas exit. Upon exiting, take a right (heading south) and merge onto the Maharlika Highway. Turn left at the Sto. Tomas junction. Continue to head south towards Lucena City, passing the town of Alaminos and San Pablo City. Slow down upon seeing the Quezon Province boundary Arch and immediately turn left onto the dirt road that leads to the Resort.


By Public Transportation

 Here's a commute tip I got from Pinoy Roatrip.


1. Go to Jac Liner bus terminal and take the bus going to Lucena, Quezon.  Travel time is 2 1/2 hours. These are the 2 terminals with bus going to Lucena:


LRT - Buendia Station

2052 Donada Street corner
Buendia Street, Pasay City

Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No: 4042073


* Current bus schedule: 1st trip is 5am, last trip is at 10pm, every 30 minutes.

* To get the latest bus schedule text JACLINER TIME BUENDIA to 2952 for Smart or 2982 for Globe and Sun. 


Kamias Station

2 Mapagmahal Street
Baranggay Pinyahan, Kamias
Quezon City,
Tel. No.: 9276139


* Current bus schedule: 1st trip is 2am, last trip is at 9pm, every 20 minutes.

* To get the latest bus schedule text JACLINER TIME KAMIAS to 2952 for Smart or 2982 for Globe and Sun.

* FARE: PHP 178, aircon bus from Kamias or Buendia to Lucena





This was actually a surprise trip that JB planned for the two of us. That being said, it was quite spontaneous so our last minute option was to go on a day trip.


Day Tour Package:


Monday to Thursday Rates:

Adults: PHP 1,250

Children (3-6 y.o.): PHP 625

Seniors: PHP 893


Friday to Sunday and Holiday Rates:

Adults: PHP 1,400

Children (3-6 y.o.): PHP 700

Seniors: PHP 1,000



Welcome Drink

Museum Tour

Carabao Cart Ride

Use of outdoor recreational activities

Lunch Buffet at the Labasan Waterfalls Restaurant

However, if you're not up for back and forth travelling, you also have the option to stay for one night or more. Visit their website at Villa Escudero Accommodations. They have many room options, all of which have beautiful views. The rooms can accommodate 4 up to 12 people.





Private Rooms

Hot Showers

Electric Fans

Insect Repellant


If you have other questions, contact their Telephone Nos.

+63 (02) 523-0392  | +63 (02) 521-0830  |  +63 (02) 532 2944  |  +63 917583 7727  |  +63 919 993 4744  |  +63 923 741 0605





Enjoy a feast at the Labasan Waterfalls Restaurant

Get ready to soak your feet in the running water coming from the Falls

Though the environment was cool because of the droplets of water coming from the falls, you can opt to wear swimwear while you eat kamayan style at their buffet. Take a photo before you eat because you'll surely be bloated after all of the good food!

Banana Cue Photo from Villa Escudero Website

Disclaimer: Photo above from Google Images

Though I wasn't able to take a lot of photos, they offer several Filipino favorites such as liempo, pansit and even fresh fruits such as watermelons and pineapples

This is definitely one of the most unique experiences I've had. One that only Villa Escudero can offer.


Explore the plantations while riding a karabaw

We strolled the resort by riding a cart pulled by a karabaw named Mutya! 


Watch the Cultural Show

2:00pm - 3:15pm; Fridays to Sunday and selected holidays 

Photo from Villa Escudero Website

At around 2 pm, everybody gathers to watch the cultural show held at one of the dining halls

Photo from Villa Escudero Website

The show was quite entertaining because it showcased a lot of traditional music, instruments and dances that were reminiscent of what I used to study in PE class or Philippine history classes. More than this, it was a full-on production which they prepared for all their guests.


Take a Tour at the Museum

Photo from Claire Raborar

Unfortunately, JB and I weren't able to visit this anymore due to time constraint



Photo from Villa Escudero website

There are also a lot of newly opened pools fit for adults (infinity pool) and kids (kiddie pool) alike


Bamboo Rafting

Prior to riding the bamboo raft, you will be given a sagwan and a life vest 

This was actually a funny experience for us because we kept drifting away — partly because I wasn't rowing as hard as he was. Oops. 



Patiently waiting for the fish to bite 

Sadly, none of the fish fell for our bait. It was still a great experience, though! #KahitIsdaPaasa


The bamboo rafting & fishing rods with bread are not included in the regular packages. Riding the bamboo raft costs PHP 100 while the fishing rods cost PHP 10 each.


Afternoon Dip at the Waterfalls Restaurant

A view of the other end of the Waterfalls Restaurant

Play underneath the strong water coming from the man-made falls

This was an opportunity to cool down after we went fishing — so much so that JB actually fell asleep (LOL) 

You can't get any happier than this!


Whether it's a spontaneous trip or a planned adventure, I think any resident in the Philippines would learn and come to enjoy a lot about our culture thanks to Villa Escudero. 



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat






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