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Rizal Daytrip: Calinawan Cave & Daranak Falls

November 30, 2016

Roadtriiiiip? Game?  *with that matching half-joking, half-serious tone*  This line gets thrown a lot amongst me and my friends. If you share the same sentiments, spontaneous roadtrips don't need to be as expensive as you think! Saan aabot ang 200 Pesos mo? Calinawan Cave & Daranak Falls! This daytrip adventure is so budget friendly that I actually did it with 2 different groups in the span of 2 months. Be ready to get down and dirty while caving/spelunking and take a plunge at the nearby falls!


For a preview of my experience at Daranak Falls, watch this short clip:




By Private Vehicle

My friends and I travelled by car and I suggest you do the same since the destination isn't too far plus there are no toll fees needed. Calinawan Cave / Daranak Falls is wazeable and easy to find. ​Take Marcos Highway and turn right after you arrive at the Sampaloc Road intersection. Watch out for a lot of signs pointing to Calinawan Cave / Daranak Falls.


By Public Transportation

Here are some directions I got from: A Wanderful Sole


1. There are series of passenger vans lined up in front of Starmall Mandaluyong, near Shaw Boulevard MRT station. Board the one bound for Tanay and get off at Tanay church or the main terminal or Tanay Supermarket which is the final drop off point. Fare is PHP 70.


2. There are also passenger jeeps in Cubao, Quezon City which are bound for Antipolo, Rizal. From Aurora Blvd., Cubao (in front of Gateway Mall), ride an FX/jeep to Antipolo. Fare approximately PHP 30 – PHP 40. From Antipolo, board a passenger jeep bound for Tanay. Fare is approximately PHP 20 – PHP 30.


3. At Tanay Supermarket, hire a trike that will take you to places around the town. 



Calinawan Cave

Disclaimer: Photo from Justin Vawter

The first order of business was to go through registration. Entrance Fee is PHP 20 while the Tour Guide costs PHP 200 per group.

We're all geared up with our flashlights! 

Calinawan Cave is actually a well-known shooting place for a lot of pelikulas and teleserye — some of which are: The Probinsyano, Dyesebel and etc. Aside from this, it's actually quite historical because it used to be a hiding spot during World War II. 

Disclaimer: Photo from Justin Vawter

The cave was full of natural stalagmites and stalactites. These are icicle shaped formations that often glitter especially when wet. 

Sadly I didn't take much photos because the cave was dark. However, I highly suggest that you try not only layers 1-2, but also layers 3-5. You'll experience a bit of crawling and complete darkness!


Daranak Falls

Travelling  from Calinawan Cave to Daranak falls can actually be hiked for around 30 minutes. However, if you brought a car, the travel to the falls will take rougly 10 to 15 minutes.

Before you get to the actual falls, you will pass by a long bridge that stretches across a river

The water is actually very clean and quite cold

The falls was beautiful and majestic. It's actually much larger in real life!

That's me, Nikki and my friend Claudia who was too conservative to wear a bikini

Relax and rent one of these salbabidas (PHP 50) so that you don't have to constantly swim 

The falls was really strong so it was a struggle to stay underneath it because I kept floating away

Now you see why the salbabida is an essential (Lol) 

There is also a boulder that you can climb near the falls area 

This is a common cliff diving point. It's actually not too high but just enough to give you that thrill!

Whether you're looking for some quality time with friends or just an opportunity to have some adventure — I promise you, Calinawan Cave & Daranak Falls is a great choice for your next spontaneous roadtrip!




1. It's better to visit on weekdays. This place can get pretty crowded on holidays and weekends. Another option is to go there early morning.


2. Bring toiletries. The comfort rooms in Daranak Falls do not include shampoo, soap and etc.


3. Pack lunch and snacks. If you really want to be able to save, prepare your meals and pack them. There aren't a lot of restaurants nearby from Calinawan Cave to Daranak Falls.





If you're planning to visit this place as well, feel free to copy my itinerary!


Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat




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