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Honeymoon Girlfriends in Cebu

November 17, 2016

Cebu is an all-time favorite for island getaways and it's not hard to imagine why. After my week-long business trip in Mactan, I decided to meet up with a friend and we stayed in one of the nearby resorts, Alta Cebu Resort. We soaked ourselves in the sun and floated away by the sea. It was my opportunity to recover from a tiring week of meetings, presentations and trainings. It was the ultimate bonding experience with my friend, Inna, to the point that we felt like we were Honeymooners! If you're feeling overworked, get a dose of the island life in Cebu!





The easiest way to is to fly directly to Cebu. Our airline of choice during that time was Cebu Pacific. Roundtrip flights should cost you roughly PHP 5,000.




My friend Inna and I stayed at Alta Cebu Resort situated in Cordova (Mactan Island). My friend and I booked the Standard Double Room for 2 pax for as low as only PHP 2,500 per night or PHP 1,250 per head. If you're planning to visit as a group, visit Alta Cebu Resort



Welcome Drinks

Complimentary Bottled Water

Breakfast Buffet

Free WiFi

1 Double Bed

Shared Bathroom

Towels, Bathrobes and Toiletries (shampoo, soap and etc.)


Cable TV

Free access to the amenities (outdoor and spa pools) 

Photo from Booking.Com





In Alta Cebu Resort



 The place was cute because the eating place was also situated near the pool area.

 Get a tan — check!



Dinner Buffet with Cultural Show

Sadly, I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures that time because I was enjoying too much. However, aside from the usual breakfast buffets, during Friday nights, they even have a dinner buffet and cultural fashion show! To enjoy this experience, pay PHP 400 per head.


Explore the compound

Alta Cebu is actually a cute garden resort filled with lovely greeneries. 

 Inna and I look like two peas in a pod! The ambience of the resort was so refreshing and relaxing that we just wasted away the afternoon just talking and laughing in this hammock.



In Cordova Beach

Since Alta Cebu Resort is only a Garden Resort, Inna and I decided to go to the nearby beach in Cordova. You can request the personnel from Alta Cebu Resort to hail you a cab which will cost roughly PHP 150 per trip. To be able to enjoy the beach in Cordova Beach Resort, pay an entrance fee of PHP 100



Cordova beach is one of the nearby white sand beaches. We enjoyed it a lot because we had the whole place to ourselves that time!


Time to take advantage of the depopulated beach and have a photoshoot!

Though we didn't do much aside from swimming, it was worth the visit because you rarely get to see resorts in Cebu that are this depopulated. 



In White Sands Beach Resort

Another beach that we hopped to was White Sands Beach Resort. This is another nearby resort that is highly recommended by the locals. To get here, we took the free shuttle from Alta Cebu Resort which departs at 9:00 am


Since we are not checked in the resort, we had to pay PHP 900 as a daytrip fee. 



Free access to the amenities (beach & swimming pools)

Lunch Buffet



If you want more information, visit their website: White Sands Beach Resort, Cebu


Relax at the sun beds

 Since Inna and I were there pretty early, we decided to just lay at the sun beds and take a nap (LOL. #Tita)


Swim at the Beach

 Although Cordova beach and White Sand beach look fairly similar, the sand here was definitely finer.

Lunch Buffet

The food there was actually really good! We kept laughing because we both had food babies after. It was a good thing we took photos at the beach beforehand because we were bloated afterwards.


Stay by the Pool


All in all, my stay in Cebu was a great chance for me to recover from the busy work week. I was also happy to be able to spend some time with a friend who I haven't been able to hang out with for a while. Cheers to more girlfriend trips like this!



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat






















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