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A Hidden Sanctuary in the Metro: Luljetta Hanging Gardens & Spa

November 29, 2016

Luljetta is extra special to me because this is where JB asked me to be his girlfriend. You can't go wrong with this destination if you're looking for a relaxing date idea or simply yearning to reward yourself after a draining week. Pampering with a view couldn't get any better! It sets the standard for hanging gardens; moreover, the spa plus ear candling experience is one of a kind. It was our chance to float away in the infinity pool that overlooks the city and enjoy their delicious meals.  Don't waste any more time because this hidden sanctuary is only in Antipolo!





My boyfriend and I went there via car because the place is Wazeable.


However, if you plan to commute, here are the directions:

FX Terminal at Farmer’s Cubao below Cubao MRT Station to ride the FX bound to Antipolo (P50 fare/head). Once you get into Antipolo, take a tricycle ride to Loreland Resort (this is how Luljetta's Hanging Garden & Spa is known in the area) for PHP 70. Click for more directions.


Estimated Travel Time: 1 hour





There are 2 main packages to choose from:


1. Hanging Gardens Retreat for PHP 1,150 / head (adults) & PHP 1,040 / head (kids 12 below & seniors)


Inclusive of:

- Good for 5 hours

- Full access to the Hanging Gardens facilities  

  * Locker, Sauna, Dr. Fish Spa, Heated Jacuzzi, Hydro-massage Pool, Infinity Pools, Mediatation Lounges

- Traditional bathrobe (batik) and towels

- Merienda / Snacks of Lemongrass Tea and Antipolo's Best Suman

- Set Meal

  * Soup, salad, pasta and dessert


2. Hanging Gardens Getaway for PHP 1,750 / head (adults) & PHP 1,560 / head (kids 12 below & seniors)


Inclusive of:

- Good for 6 hours

- Full access to the Hanging Gardens facilities 

  * Locker, Sauna, Dr. Fish Spa, Heated Jacuzzi, Hydro-massage Pool, Infinity Pools, Mediatation Lounges

- Traditional bathrobe (batik) and towels

- Merienda / Snacks of Lemongrass Tea and Antipolo's Best Suman

- Set Meal

  * Soup, salad, pasta and dessert


My boyfriend and I availed of the Hanging Gardens Retreat package and scheduled for a 1-hour Luljetta's signature massage (PHP 750) & 30-minute ear candling (PHP 680). For details on the other spa services, check out Luljetta's Massage Menu.


If you're actually willing to spend more, you can also explore their Spa Journey Packages ranging from PHP 2,500 to PHP 4,000.






Get a hydro massage in one of their therapy pools 

Photo above from Google Images

Lol at my goofy boyfriend

Laze around in the infinity pool overlooking a great view 


Explore the Hanging Gardens

There are several tanning beds where you can just take an afternoon siesta

They also lent us complimentary batik robes so that we can comfortably roam the place

Not sure if JB is posing or just overly happy...

All smiles for the both of us because this place was exactly the quick escape we needed.


Merienda at the eating area

This is a photo of the picturesque dining area

The view is also one of the highlights of the trip. It really didn't feel like we were anywhere near the city.

The package we got included complimentary Antipolo suman and lemongrass iced tea.

Disclaimer: I got the photo of the suman & lemongrass from google images. 


Jacuzzi & Sauna​

Step in the jacuzzi and release all the toxins in your body with a warm sauna session 

Disclaimer: 2 Photos above are from Rappler. I was too busy enjoying that I forgot to document! 


Enjoy a 4-course meal

The package we got also included a 4-course meal scheduled before our massage

Luljetta's Signature Massage & Ear Candling

I didn't take any photos anymore at this point. The massage was satisfactory, actually. It wasn't amazing nor was it underwhelming but I suppose I expected more considering they are a spa destination. 


The ear candling, however, was a unique experience. It made me feel very ticklish (I have sensitive ears) but simultaneously, it was also quite soothing.


Romantic Dinner for Two


This part was actually not part of the plan. JB and I originally planned for a quiet afternoon of pampering; but little did I know, he was cooking up a surprise for me. 


After we took our showers separately, I thought that we were going elsewhere for dinner. He then told me that he left some of his things in another room. As I accompanied him, I was surprised with this set-up...

My sneaky boyfriend led me to one of the meditation rooms that was converted into a romantic dinner set-up for two. Rose petals and candles were decorated all over the floor. The chair and table was also situated near the balcony window giving us just the right amount of moonlight.


If you want to recreate this same set-up with your loved one, visit their page: Luljetta's Romantic Dinner for 2 for PHP 5,000. This is actually a good deal considering it includes a bottle of wine and a 4-course meal.

(Yup, we had another 4-course meal... #pigs) 

I don't want to go into too many details of how he asked me; but needless to say, it was more than what I expected and I was more than thankful to have a keeper like him.

 Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa is the ideal place for pampering yourself with a view. Moreover, it is even more enjoyable if the experience is shared with a loved one. If our photos aren't already self-explanatory, I had the best time. And if you decide to book in this place too, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful visit as well.


*Friendly Tip: Walk-Ins rarely get massage appointments so it's best to book beforehand if you plan to go.



Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat











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