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Coron, Palawan Birthday Getaway

November 29, 2016



Coron is the summer fling that you will always want to go back to. There's something about the place that makes you want to forget all your responsibilities and go on an endless adventure. There are so many activities you can do: snorkelling, cliff diving, eating exotic foods, beach hopping, mountain climbing and many more. The islands are filled with legends and the clearest blue waters that are preserved by the locals. Coron will make you realize that the most beautiful beaches are in the Philippines.




If you're coming from Manila (MNL), The easiest way to get there is to fly directly to Coron, Busuanga (USU). Our airline of choice was Cebu Pacific. You can take a cab to the town proper or arrange a van transfer to your hotel.





We decided to stay in Casa Coron Hotel because of its convenient location and very affordable rates. A room for 3 cost us as low as only PHP 1,300 / night / head. The hotel staff were also very friendly. It was also a walking distance from a lot of restaurants, banks and even a cellphone repair shop! (Lol, I dropped my phone in the ocean but thank God they revived it). A van transfer to or from the hotel costs PHP 150 per trip. Visit their website: Casa Coron Hotel






Here's a photo I took of my friend, Nikki, enjoying the natural hot springs


Since our arrival in Coron was in the middle of the day, we couldn't go on full day tours. However, we didn't let the opportunity to explore go to waste! We took a trike right in front of Casa Coron (PHP 300/head; round trip). We went there during July so it was rainy. However, the cold weather was perfect for an afternoon dip in the hot springs. Entrance fee is PHP 200 but if you're checked in at Casa Coron, you have a 20% discount!




We booked our tours via the hotel. The tours include: hotel pick-up, boat rentals, free lunch and merienda, snorkelling gears, life vest, island fees & funny tour guides for only PHP 1,500! The tours start at 8am and end at 5pm. If you don't want to incur additional costs, I suggest you bring your own aqua shoes so you don't have to rent.


Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados is one of the most well-known diving reefs in Palawan


Kayangan Lake

It took 300 steps to get up and down the viewing deck of Kayangan Lake. It was worth the sweat and the pesky mosquitoes! Be sure to bring insect repellants.


Twin Lagoon

The water was clear and deep sea green. It's a nice spot to take photos and snorkel from the boat.


Banul Beach

 This beach had unique rock formations and strong waves that crashed onto it! It was a struggle to stand still while taking photos but we also had a lot of laughs at this spot.


...Other locations visited: Japanese Ship Wreck, Las Islas De Coral & Smith Beach.


 Day 2 was also the day before my birthday so my friend Nikki and my boyfriend, Jb, surprised me at 10pm because they knew I didn't want to stay up until 12am to wait for my birthday #LOLA




This Tour  only costs PHP 750 because there were less locations but they were also worth every Peso.


Atwayan Beach

 This beach had beautiful white sand. It was one of my favorite stops because this is where we had crabs for lunch! (Unfortunately, this is also where I dropped my phone. lol.)


Quin Reef

  Yup, I got to see Marlin & Nemo up close. Where's Dory though?!


Barracuda Lake

 Barracuda Lake is one of my favorite spots because of the cliff diving point! Nikki, JB & I wanted to stay here for hours



 Mt. Tapyas Summit - Overlooking the town and mountains

 On our Last Day at Casa Coron, we woke up at 5:30am and climbed the 750 steps to the summit of Mt. Tapyas. I tell you, do not be lazy and make sure to visit this spot!


The view will make you breathless for the simple beauty (literally and figuratively). It was timely that we did this on our last day. I was able to see the entire town of Coron: the quiet streets, the beautiful islands & the clear blue waters. It was definitely difficult to leave such a breathtaking place but I was also happy that I had good memories to take with me when I got home.



1. Kawayanan Grill Station - this place has a great ambiance (well-lit & you can eat in nipa huts) they serve pinoy delicacies such as kare-kare, liempo, pusit, hipon & etc. They also have a lot of exotic foods such as crocodile meat.  Highly recommended because it's good quality for an affordable price. We splurged on this night & ate like kings; but we only spent PHP 400 per head.

Photo from Trip Advisor

Photo from Trip Advisor


2. Fika Indulgence Cafe - we went to this place during dinner but I'd highly recommend it as a breakfast place option. They have LARGE servings that could last you until lunch time. The place is small but perfect for intimate conversations. They also serve a variety of cakes & cookies perfect for sweet tooths. I only spent aroud PHP 290 here (one meal @ PHP 200 and a slice of cake @ PHP 90)

Photo from Trip Advisor

Disclaimer: Photo isn't mine. This is just one of their breakfast options at Fika


3. Lolo NoyNoy's Food Station - Last few days got you running low on cash? Don't worry, this restaurant is perfect for budget meals. I only spent PHP 150 for a set meal.

Photo from Trip Advisor 

Photo from Trip Advisor


There are only a few of many unique eating places in town. If you're looking for other options, it's best to ask the locals or check out these places at Trip Advisor: Restaurants in Coron





If you're planning to visit this place as well, feel free to copy my itinerary!


Time to make your own memories! Happy Travels!

♡,  Pat




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