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Sculpture #PoemsByPat

October 24, 2013



If I could write the promises that came from those lips

I'd be writing them on sand — as the wind blows them away.

Though like a fool I'd continue to write

Repeatedly, repeatedly, without any spite.


And if I'd even try to guess your mood 

Which is horribly hard to conclude,

I'd be a thousand miles off the radar; but,

You did always say you'd keep me on my toes. 


Do believe me when I swear I'd never tire

as I admire your very figure (As if sculpted by Michelangelo himself),

well-defined whether in light or dark

Painfully beautiful even as your weary eyes sleep.


And I could kiss those lips that wonderfully part;

But the mere thought defeats my steady heart.

I could only hope to touch more than your marble skin,

Whose very perfection would be the cause of my sin.


I could only dream to be that fire

That might melt your stone cold exterior.

Alas, I could only wish that one day you'll find

That I'm the one who can change your mind. 


* Inspired by Michelangelo's David

* Photo above from Google Images





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