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Petalless Flower #PoemsByPat

September 3, 2012



What does a flower do once she's lost her petals?

For the evil men have plucked every last one.

She used to dance with the breeze,

That blew through her leaves.

Now she hides in the corner —

Ashamed of her nakedness.

She used to believe in the sun,

Whose beams kissed her cheeks.

Now the dark is all she knows;

She does not want to be seen.

The bees used to buzz in her mere presence,

They still do now, but they've taken her essence.

What good's a flower once all her nectar is gone?

Would the bee still want her or will he move on?

Yet the flower still waits with much self-pity,

For the blind bee who'll think she's still pretty.


*I wrote this poem after seeing a petalless flower while walking along the roads of Katipunan. I think it was a sunflower/daisy and I really love both flowers which made me sad after seeing it without its petals.











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