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I Wrote A Poem In My Dream #PoemsByPat

July 15, 2013



I wrote a poem in my dream
with the words at the tip of my tongue;
but as I woke in the morn,
the words were nothing but gone.

How I wish I could find those words
that carried my every emotion.
How I wish I could please my muse,
Who served as my inspiration.

Forgive me for I could not write
a piece that would nearly delight
one who would never know,
to whom I would never show.

For I never even knew,
that beneath my ribs my blood brewed,
warm with tenderness and care —

with you, my comfort was rare.

I wrote a poem in my dream,
the words were sincere and true.
I wrote a poem in my dream,
every word was dedicated to you.


* I literally wrote this poem as soon as I woke up because I just had so much inspiration after having a dream that I wrote a poem.

* Unfortunately, it doesn't feel nearly as good as the one I dreamt about.

* Photo from Google Images


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